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Country: Greece

LETHE (2003) (Writer)

LIGNITE (2011) (Writer)

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Studied MA in Screenwriting in the Northern Film School (Leeds, U.K.), BA in German Language and Literature, History of Art, Creative Writing and has attended several Screenwriting seminars (the MFI MEDIA training programme included). Since 2003 lives in Athens and works for film and television productions as screenwriter and script-editor. She has also been teaching screenwriting in film schools. Short stories of hers have been awarded and published. The short films of her scripts have gained awards and participated in festivals worldwide. Feature Films: “Lignite” (in development, director attached to the project: Gregory Rentis), “Smells like blood” 2010 drama (selected for the Balkan Fund Program in Thesaloniki Film Festival 2010, director attached to the project: Filippos Tsitos), “Poulcheria’s syndrome” (in pre-production, director attached to the project: Lefteris Charitos), “Chinatown” (due to 2013, credit as script editor, directed by Aliki Danezi-Knutsen, in post production), “Harisma” (2010, credit as script editor, directed by Christina Ioakeimidi), “Battle with the Saint” 2008 rom-com, “Reapers” (EKSO productions, director attached to the project: Giorgos Noussias, selected for Crossroads in the Thessaloniki Film Festival) 2006, “Chronicle of fear” 2004, “Felizol” 2004, ”The Girl” 2003, “Lethe” (2002), “Thou shalt not…” (2002). Short Films: “The breakout” 2007 shortlisted in Microfilm/ ERT competition, “Zafeiris” directed by Elena Dimitrakopoulou produced by ERT (State Prize of Quality in Thessaloniki International Film Festival) 2006, “Full frame” directed and produced by Elena Dimitrakopoulou 2003 (1st Student Prize in Drama International Short Film Festival, State Prize of Quality in Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Special Mention for Poetic Interpretation in Brno 16- Film Festival), “Airplane” directed by Heather Goodman/ produced by the BBC 2003, , “Illusions” (2002), “The accident” (2002), “What about John” directed and produced by Panajotis Simopoulos 2001, “The storyteller is fed up” (2001), “43 STEPS” (1999), “Relationsheep” (1999). TV pieces: “Stories from the other side” (commissioned by Antenna TV), “Unpaid bill” 1x60’ (in collaboration with the director Panos Kokkinopoulos), “Changing Parts” 2x60min 2005 (commissioned by Antenna TV), “The half I hate” 2x45min 2003 (commissioned by ATA Studios, Athens), “The Mark” 2x60min (2002), “CELL 2005” 3x60min (2000), “The Embarrassment” 6x30min (2000).

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