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Country: Greece

Eleni Alexandrakis was born in 1957 in Athens. She studied film at the Sorbonne University, Paris I and at the National Film and TV School of England. She has written, directed and produced feature fiction and documentary films « A Drop in the Ocean» (fiction), « Easter is in the air» (documentary) « The Woman who longed for Home» (fiction) “Angel and the Weightlifter” (fiction) as well as Shorts and TV docs. She has received many prizes in Greece and abroad. Her film « A Drop in the Ocean» was presented at the FORUM OF THE BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL in !996 where it got the MIONNETO FILM AWARD. The same film traveled in many festivals around the world and the main actress Amalia Moutoussi got a few awards. In 2006 « The Woman who Missed Home » got a SPECIAL MENTION at the Rhodes Eco Film Festival and Nicos Papazoglou got a STATE AWARD FOR THE MUSIC of the Film that was screened to several festivals and at the UNITED ARTISTS THEATER in NEW YORK. In 2009 « Angel and the Weightlifter » got a GOLD REMI AWARD in WORLDFEST HOUSTON.

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