Year: 2003
Final Title:

Gavrilou Effi (Writer)

Premise: At a dinner with old friends forensic anthropologist, Irene Barlow, discovers she has falsified her own childhood. Synopsis: A childrenís drawing found in her parentsí house bearing the name Irini Alexiou, leads Irene to a search of this person. This girl has the same birthday as Irene and is reported as a missing person in Greece. When a female body is discovered at Iriniís birthplace, Irene takes on its facial reconstruction. A cold fish like Irene finds herself suffering visions and hallucinations while involved in a strange relationship with Iriniís uncle. Finishing the reconstruction, she ends up with a manís face, the same face which is doomed to haunt her nightmares. Fired now, sheís sure someone wants to obstruct the reconstruction. Until her computer program completes the face of the unidentified body: itís her faceÖ

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