Year: 2011
Final Title: The House

Kovacevic Sanja (Writer)

Sudar Zoran (Producer)

Several years after the war, two men fight over the same house, same woman, same life and same death proving on the way that even the gravity can be beaten. Several years after the war, Djuro (40) and Bisera (35), and their daughter Ema (15), Croats driven from a little Bosnian town, ended their lives as refugees by entering an abandoned Serbian house in a small village in Croatia. Ema had a younger brother who got killed in the war as Djuro was badly wounded in explosion entering the house for the first time. Ever since the loss of their son, Djuro and Bisera have desperately trying to have another child. This became an opsession and Ema became invisible. One day, Miki (45), the real owner of the house comes back with his son Bobo (12) from Serbia and claims ownership of the house. He build a tent in the yard and waits for Djuro to leave. Through the Red Cross he got the letter from his daughter that was lost in the war and believes she might come back. Nediljko, a one handed war veteran who owns half of the village and wants to build hotel on Mikis land and create rafting bussiness on the river. Nediljko has a half wit son Zoki (16). Nediljko tries to make Djuro kill Miki, promising him there would be no consenquences. Djuro tries, but cannot. He also tries to drive Miki away in every way he can think of, silly ways, but everything fails. Djuro and Miki are too much alike, their past lives and destinies were run by the same force of gravity that now forces them to become enemies. In despair, tired of loosing which means not be able to provide for his family, food or new baby alike, Djuro tries to kill himself. That night Biserka will come to Miki and make an ultimate act of love by asking Miki to give her a child. She believes that is the only way to prevent her husband from killing himself again. All this years, she had pretended, but she knows that after he had been wounded, he can no longer have children. And Miki indulges. Next morning, Djuro bonds with Miki and admits that he cannot have children but he loves his wife so much that he pretends and keeps on trying. When Bisera announces happily to Djuro her pregnancy, the truth becomes evident to everyone, but nobody can admit they know it. Djuro is a strong man for the first time. He accepts the child. Djuro and Miki stand up to Nediljko and will not give him the land by the river. He can have it for a price. Nediljko is on the road with rafting expedition but on rafting, his son falls into water. Miki jumps into water and save him. Nediljko tells Miki that his daughter was killed and the body is in the basement of his own house. Miki and Djuro will run to the house, tear down plastic sheets and try to open the basement door. They manage.. but there's another explosion!

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Mediterranean Film Institute

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