Year: 2005
Final Title:

Americanou Yianna (Writer)

The film will take place in a small village in Cyprus, in Polis Chrysohous. The location can be in any place in the world, due to its universal story line and theme but also because the environment will play a role in the ‘emotional’ journey of the characters. The environment will play a role in the re-shaping of the characters emotions. The approach of the film but also of the characters will even reach the limits of improvisation. A difficult task for any director but I can only see this film developed as realistically as possible by leaving the actors improvise. The main characters are a mother and a daughter who begin a ‘journey’ with their car crossing the island to get to the City having in mind each their own agendas. They both want to share and tell a secret. Iris is getting ready to welcome her daughter from abroad and in an effort to hide her disease from her; she attempts to have a wig made for her. Aphrodite her youngest child is studying law in the UK. She is returning home for the summer holidays. Aphrodite is intending to use this visit to confess to her mother, who she feels very close, that she is not what she has expected in regards to her sexual preferences and that she lives with the woman she is in love with. Aphrodite arrives at the village unaware of her mothers’ illness. The mother not knowing how to break the news to her daughter, who is at the tender age of 22, invites Aphrodite to drive her to the city with the excuse that she wants to take for an art exhibit an installation of one of her latest art pieces titled ‘BALD’. In reality her mother needs to enter the Oncology Centre in the city for another chemotherapy session. Aphrodite’s mother believes that the long journey will give her plenty of time to prepare her daughter and announce to her the fear of dying. Aphrodite accepts the invitation not knowing what it is to follow, hoping that the journey will give her plenty of time to discuss with her mother the fact that she is a lesbian. Both women begin this journey with their own agendas unaware of each other’s intentions. The journey begins with both women wanting to share something but not knowing the way to break their news to one another. How can one tell her child that she is dying, and how can a child tell her mother that she is gay? On their way to the city, both women come across many funny and tragic incidents. We see them picking up an English hitchhiker, running out of petrol and having to stop to re-fuel, taking the wrong turn leading them to a dead sheep, and breaking down in the middle of nowhere having to stay overnight by the sea in a nearby bed and breakfast. What all these do for the two women is test their relationship as mother and daughter. How easy can you tell the truth?

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