1st on-location workshop: Island of Nissyros, Greece

The island

MFI Script 2 Film Workshops' first session is held at the small, volcanic island of Nissyros in the Dodecanese island complex of the Southeastern Aegean Sea. Nissyros has four picturesque, traditional villages with a total population of 1000 inhabitants. The island's main landmark is the active - but silent - volcano, with its craters forming a rough, breathtaking landscape. Other sights include the remains of an ancient castle and a medieval monastery situated on a cliff top, overlooking the island's capital, Mandraki.


MFI Script 2 Film Workshops is closely connected and co-operating with the island's local community. Located in the capital, Mandraki, the island's elementary school is kindly offered by the municipal authorities to serve as the workshop's main venue. The school's traditional building dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and offers a magnificent view to the Aegean, constituting an ideal creative environment for writers and tutors. This is the place where group sessions take place as well as lectures, screenings etc. This traditional venue also offers to workshop participants up to date internet connection and numerous personal computers for project re-writing.

Getting there

You can get to the island by plane or boat.

By plane: One can take a flight to the nearby island of Kos. Kos is one of the larger Aegean islands with an airport that is served by several flights from Athens daily. At the dates of the workshop there are also several charter flights to Kos from various European cities.

From Kos there are connections to Nissyros with small ferry boats every day.

By boat: One can get to the island by boat, straight from Piraeus or via Kos, changing for a small ferry boat to Nissyros.

2nd on - location worshop: Island of Samos, Greece

The island

MFI Script 2 Film Workshops' second on-location session takes place in one of the larger Greek islands, Samos, which is situated in the eastern Aegean. Home of ancient philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, Samos is an island of diverse landscapes, partially covered with forests and vegetation, and bears the marks of history with its numerous archaeological sites. Samos has a population of 40.000, most of them inhabiting the island's capital, the port town of Vathi.


Doryssa Seaside Resort is a unique hotel complex, located in a beautiful bay, not far from the town of Pythagorio (named after the philosopher). The hotel's originality and fascination arises from the fact that it consists of a main building and a bungalow settlement that is essentially an exact duplicate of the traditional Aegean island village, with its houses built according to the traditional architecture of various Aegean islands.

Beyond its picturesque atmosphere, Doryssa Seaside Resort is an ideal venue for the program, offering convenient facilities for group sessions, and an up to date projection hall for lectures and screenings that supports all video formats. Moreover, the hotel has fast internet connections and personal computers for project re-writing.

Getting there

One can get to the island by plane or boat.

By plane: Samos has an airport, located 2km from Doryssa Seaside Resort. There are several flights from Athens to Samos daily. At the dates of the workshop, there are also some charter flights to Samos from various European cities.

By boat: One can get to the island by boat, straight from Piraeus.

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