MFI Script 2 Film Workshops 2020

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Workshop Sessions / Dates and Locations

The program consists of 2 on-location workshop sessions and 2 online sessions per year:

  • the first residential workshop will take place in the Greek island of Nisyros (Dodecanese, Eastern Aegean) from June 22 – July 4, 2020*
  • a 3-week online session, in August/September 2020
  • the second residential session will take place in the Greek island of Rhodes (Dodecanese, Eastern Aegean) from October 11 – October 18, 2020*
  • the program will be concluded with a final online session in December 2019, lasting for 2 weeks

Finally, a selection of MFI projects will be presented to the European Co-production Forum CROSSROADS, organized by Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece, November 2020). Furthermore, 1 MFI project will be selected to be presented in SOFIA MEETINGS Co-production Forum of the Sofia International Film Festival (Bulgaria, March 2020)

*Prior to the selection results, the session dates are subject to minor changes. In case of selection, please confirm with the MFI office before booking your flights.

First Session: Nisyros, June 22 – July 4, 2020

The intensive 1st session consists of presentations, group workshops, Q'&'A sessions, case studies & individual tutoring. Participants are divided in small groups of 5-6 projects (7-8 participants), each supervised by a trainer in script development.

In the first two days of the session, participants present their projects; problems are identified, together with possible strategies for their solution. Afterwards the mornings will be divided to group sessions (5-hour) and individual meetings with the group leaders based on the demands of the projects and the dynamics of each group. The work is devoted to breaking down the participating scripts, identifying of the shortcomings and discussing of possible solutions. A rewriting process takes place during the session based on the suggestions by the trainers and the whole group interaction, following each project’s specific needs.

The trainers, if necessary, will return to the basic structure, aiming to offer guidelines & suggestions that will help participants re-write their screenplay drafts in ways that make them dramatically stronger, and enhance their emotional impact on audiences.

Afternoon sessions are devoted to a series of individual meetings and plenary sessions, including Q'&'A sessions and case studies concerning all aspects of project development. They focus on the production point of view, helping participants to identify their project’s strengths and weaknesses. These sessions are conducted by specialized MFI trainers, last for the duration of the workshop, and are divided in three modules, offering both a general training content & a personalized, project-specific approach.

The first module focuses on the evaluation of projects’ dramatic, stylistic & production values, as well as the methods to optimize the aforementioned values, and increase the projects’ potential for artistic & commercial success.

The second module offers a basic training in strategies for film development. It addresses issues such as each project’s production needs and how a specific project can & should be made. Areas discussed include international film markets, identifying & targeting audiences, promoting & fundraising process, co-productions strategies, as well as establishing own companies as a tool for producing participating projects. Special attention is given to budgeting, marketing, and distribution.

The third module concerns an introduction to a strategy for promoting participating projects. Special attention is given to presentation techniques. Participants are trained in pitching techniques, and undertake pitching exercises (working out the pitch, and presenting to fellow participants). These exercises are taped and later on commented. At the end of the first residential session, participants are expected to have:

  • a deep understanding of their scripts’ re-writing needs, as well as,
  • a clear sense of the necessary & appropriate steps needed to set up the process of its actual production.

Second session: Online, August/September 2020

The second, online session follows, taking place in four private internet forums hosted in MFI’s website. Each workshop group is placed to a private forum, accessible only with a special password assigned to the group’s members and their trainer. Participants are required to have progressed with their projects to the stage of an extensive re-write of their draft, ideally to produce a complete new draft. They “upload” their material to their group’s forum for trainers and fellow participants to read. Then, as in a residential session, group discussion on the projects begins.

Tutors and participants “enter” their group forum and take part to this virtual workshop, commenting thoroughly on every project and discussing the re-writes, remaining problems & possible solutions.

Furthermore, participants are able to communicate with trainers in project development, concerning the possible developments in their projects’ production track, using skype or email consultations.

Considering the time delay for all responses and the subsequent cross commenting to occur, this session lasts for 2-3 weeks, providing an adequate time frame for group work. The whole process is monitored by the MFI.

Third Session: Rhodes, October 11 - 18, 2020

The third session is again a residential one, focusing on the final re-writing process. Participants are required to deliver a fully revised script draft in time for all trainers and fellow group members to read.

The session is designed as a workshop for a deep review and critique of the revised drafts. Script development trainers work with participants towards a final, shooting draft. They address script changes made and their effectiveness, as well as further revisions, clarifications of the dramatic material and the final development of narrative to the stage of a screenplay that both fulfills the writer’s original vision & intention and meets the requirements of attracting further interest & support for its realization.

This session also maintains a good balance between group work and individual sessions, with the addition of the possibility to meet and receive feedback, not only from trainers and experts in all fields but also from invited industry representatives.

Fourth session: Online, December 2020

The fourth workshop session is yet again an online one. Participants are expected to provide their final drafts so that their script development tutors can comment and provide feedback.

Project follow up

  • Prior to the fourth workshop session, a selection of MFI projects are presented in an actual industry venue through the European Co-production Forum CROSSROADS, organized by the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece, November 2020)
  • In the same context, after the end of the 2020 program, 1 MFI project will be selected to participate in SOFIA MEETINGS Co-production Forum, organized by the Sofia International Film Festival (Bulgaria, March 2020)




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